Horse Handling

Our Stud Facilities

Our Facilities:

  • Horse Crush
  • Mating / Teasing Area
  • Panel Yards / Day yards for housing mares that are here short term.
  • 20 acres of  Individual or paired Paddocks Ranging in size.
  • Individual Stallion paddocks with Tree laneways to prevent injury over fence to fence contact with another horse.


  • Individual Foaling down paddocks close to the house with a monitoring system setup for 24hr monitoring of mares that are due to foal .so we can be there to makesure everything runs smoothly at birth.
  • 120 acres of Agistment Pastures for Broodmares and Youngstock. Paddocks are 35 to 40 acres in size.


Onsite Breeding / Handling Services:

All onsite training is done by BC Horse Training -


Stallion Training ( Standing Outside Stallions ) - Mating, General ground manners and Socialization

Price: $200.00 Handling fee / mare served + Agistment costs


Foal Handling - Halter Training ( tying up, leading, farrier work and general socialization with humans )

Price: $250.00 / wk +  AGISTMENT COSTS & GST


* Foaling down mares - Individual Foaling Paddocks, Foaling monitor and Experienced Stud hands.

Price: $300.00 Foaling down fee + AGISTMENT + GST


* Preparing Mares for Breeding - Can be arranged on arrival of your mare to our Facility for breeding. POA


Agistment Services Include:

Stallions - Individual Paddock supplied and 2 hardfeeds daily & hay.

Weanlings / Yearlings - Individual or Group paddocks available and choice of one or two hardfeeds daily & hay.

Broodmares - Wet and Dry mares catered for Individual or Group Paddocks Hardfeed daily  or choice of non hardfeed group agistment also. Usually also on Adlib hay.

Price: POA - Prices may varie and depend on the horse & owners Agistment Requirements.